Ratings Software

NRatings_v3.2.1 Mathieu Souphy (TJSoft) With this software you will be able to adjust the ratings with the actual performances of the drivers. Want to make your 1992 Cup carset perform like the real world drivers did in 1992? This software makes it easy as a few clicks. There’s also several different formulas you can choose from for more adjust-ability. Awesome software! *** New version 4.0.0 which you will need to import real world data is now available at:


Points Scoring Programs

Score4 Want to keep track of points outside of the NR2003’s championship season? No problem! This is the program for you. Keeps track of tons of different stats and allows you to adjust points if you, say, want to run for a chase style championship. Super useful tool! You can export everything into usable web pages as well.

Race Points Manager – As with Score4 this is another program designed to keep track of points and other stats. It does pretty much everything Score4 does. I personally like this program better for its HTML exports which will include each driver’s individual stats over the course of the year. Awesome tool.

Complete Simulator Updates

Nextel Cup Series 2005 Update 1.0 (330mb)SS.net – Formerly hosted on superspeedway.net, this is a big ass updater for NR2003 including backgrounds and the 2005 NNC Update.

One Week Later (Nextel 2005) Update 1.0 (13mb)SS.net – This goes together with the big ass update from above. Run this one second.

Track Editing Tools

Sandbox for NR2003 (version 1.201) – Software to build your own tracks in NR2003. If you’re new to it you will NEED to learn how to use it. Check out the How-To Section for Instructions and walkthroughs.

Track DATter (v0.5) – Create a .DAT file outta the track you just made! This is also used for “trimming the fat” on your newly created tracks. It’ll get rid of all the unnecessary files you’re not using in your build for you so you don’t have to do it manually. Very useful!

Pit Tool Basic (v1.0) – This tool is used to assist in making pit stalls & starting grids for your track.ini files.

Graphics Related Tools

Mip Explorer 2003 – Simple program to check MIP files (and other various file extensions) with the ability to convert them from MIPs to other file types.

NightMipExplorer 2003 – Same thing as above but for Night Mip viewing.

Car Related Tools

Car File Modifier – Use this if you need to switch a car file from CTS/GNS/CUP/PTA physics to another type of physics. For example, if you downloaded a car mod that uses GNS physics, but you downloaded cars for that car mod and it uses CTS or Cup physics… simply convert the file to work and presto!

CarViewer 1.4 – This little tool is helpful for painting cars. You can use it to view your car as you’re painting when using software like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop. You can also load different mesh files to view more than just the original cup car mod.

CarViewer Megapack – A whole bunch of different mesh files for use with the CarViewer tool listed just above this one.

3DO Related Tools

3DOED – Simple viewer/editor for 3DO files. Also works with IndyCar Racing 2 all the way through NR2003.

Miscellaneous Tools

Save Game Editorby jnelso99 – With this tool you’ll be able to actually edit the starting line up to your hearts desire of a race you’ve saved the qualifying results to. Very useful tool if you want to adjust a starting grid to your own personal starting positions. Annoyed you qualified 23rd? Boom! Now you’re first!

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