phoenix night 2005

This section is dedicated to sound updates.  Crash sounds, engine sounds and spotter sounds.  Happy Racing!

1990 Cup Series Sound Swapper – Denis Rioux
This sound set is not only how you can get Denis’ 1990 Cup car sounds, but also is used as a file swapper so you can switch back and forth from 90’s sounds to whatever your current sound setup is.  Very nice.

Doctor Noise’s Sound/Spotter Sounds – Bill Martin
This is my current sound folder all in one.  Engine sounds and Spotter sounds.  I’ve done many updates over the course of time and I have no idea who made half the stuff in it anymore.  Many seem to really like what I’ve come with, so I figured I’d make it available to try.

Sounds of NASCAR 2005 – MethylEthyl
The sounds of the Cup series back in 2005.  Give ‘er a try!


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