Welcome to the How-Tos section!  In this section I will be posting PDF’s and other how-to files in the art of editing/modifying NR2003 created with soda pdf software which is great for this.  Not sure how to do something?  Check here and see if the questions have already been answered!  Happy Racing! -Bill

Latest Update: 12/27/2017 (Added tutorial on how to use Sandbox)

How to Change Physics on a Car Mod (CTS/GNS/CUP) – This is the how-to on changing the physics to a particular mod.  Mod creators will often choose the physics model they think would be accommodating for their mod, but you may feel differently.  No problem!  Use this PDF to learn how to swap it to the physics you’d prefer!

How To Use Sandbox (Track Creation Software) – Needless to say, track making isn’t the easiest thing to do in the world of NR2003, but if you’re interested in the process and would like to learn how to do it then this is the tutorial for you!  It’ll give you all the basics and tips & tricks you need to be on your way to making your own sweet track for everyone to race at!

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