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La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway 2012 Edition

Tracks: La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway 2012 (day and night)

version 1.0
April 9th, 2013
for: NASCAR Racing 2003 Season
Author: Bill Martin
Type: Real short track in West Salem, WI
AI: Fully functional
Physics Support: CUP, GNS, CTS



[1] Introduction
[2] Artificial Intelligence
[3] Accompanying local Late Models & Sportsmen
[4] Known Issues
[5] Credits
[6] Agreement of Use


La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway 2012 (Day and Night Versions)

Welcome to the La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway! As I write this I’ma bout to start my 4th year racing around the .625 mile oval. Ever since track building became an option in the Papyrus gaming world I’ve wanted to build the speedway that I’ve called my hometrack since the 1980’s. Now, after a long long time I’ve been able to achieve it! I’ve spent over 6 months and an embarassingly large amount of hours making this track as accurate as possible in both the driving aspects and the visual aspects. I believe you will have a great time, and we even cover issues as injuries or accidents with the help of legal resources from sites as I’ve also spent a good 2 months getting the AI to run as true to life as possible as well. You will experience races with a couple yellows, some with no yellows, and some with more yellows than you want to see!

Okay. info on the track.

This is a multigrooved race track with an outside groove with slightly higher grip than the inside groove, but the inside is the more dominant lane. This is true to life as 2 dead even race cars can maintain side by side, but it’s rare to make a pass on the outside unless you’re a more dominant car.

(Night Track)

The night version of the track is meant for Saturday Night short track short race racing only. The pits are functional, but are not meant to be having full service pit stops with the entire field…so if you try it… you’re going to have a pileup on pit enterance. Don’t bother. Knowing people would want a pit stop version of the track I developed the day version of the track which has full service pit stops along the front stretch and into turn 1. Maximum starting cars is 30. Real life track will not start more than 24 with a last chance race. If there’s not enough cars for a last chance the track will permit up to 28 total starters for a feature.
(Day track)

As mentioned this is for longer races with full service pit stops. Max laps is set to 200 laps, but you can of course change it to your pleasing. Maximum starters for this are 32 which is limited by pit stop spacing. I laid down a strip of concrete in place of where grass normally would be in Turn 1 to accomodate the pit stops. Pitting is TIGHT. This track is not meant or made for pit stops and hasn’t served a pitting atmosphere since about 1998. So, there is bumping on pit road. Just like at Martinsville in real life. 😉

2 months of hard work on the AI and I believe it has paid off. Cars will block and protect the low line, race hard, and you will have a nice array of races ranging from caution free to too many cautions to count (which at our speedway is about the same…you never know what kinda race you’re going to see!). So you can perform well with the AI, I’ve included my own personal setups for the CUP, GNS, and CTS physics which I’ve renamed “fast” and “qualify.” The Cup & GNS setups are strong enough to compete well at 99% and 100% AI difficulty. The CTS, which I’m not as good at setting up, performs well at the 98 to 99% AI level.

I hope you enjoy the track. I’ve enjoyed making it.

[3] Accompanying Local Late Models & Sportsmen

2012 La Crosse Area Sportsmen & 2012 La Crosse Area Late Models

I have, along with the release of these 2 tracks, created and released all the competing 2012 local cars for the Sporstmen & Late Model divisions. The Sportsmen cars use the 1988 Aero Mod from the US Pits & the Late Models use the Late Model mod version 2.0. If you did not get the track version in the bundle download which includes the cars you can get the cars separately at my website:

The AI has been designed for each division to take into effect the inversion. In case you don’t know what an inversion is… the top 8 qualifying cars (plus a number drawn between 1 and 6) will invert their qualifying order. Hence, fast cars are put into the middle of the pack giving some of the slower qualifying/performing cars a chance at a win via track position. The qualifying for the CTS & GNS (the Aero88 mod uses CTS physics while late models use GNS physics) has been setup so that this occurs as best as possible with the games limitations. You’ll find the faster cars will qualify mid pack. What this also means is qualifying up front in the CTS & GNS physics can be very difficult… basically… if you qualify up front, you’re going to stomp the field… if you qualify mid pack…you’ve got the AI set just right… this is only, of course, if you’re using the La Crosse Sportsmen or Late Model cars. If you’re using any other mod, you may want to adjust the qualifying…unless you like the challenge of a midpack start 😉

[4] Known Issues

As mentioned earlier pit road on the day version of the track is tight. Collisions are likely. Outside of this, no known issues have arisen that have not been fixed. If you find any issues please feel free to report them to me at

[5] Credits

Special thanks to J.R. Franklin for the AI assistance
Carl Sundeberg for pit road on the day track assistance
Ian Smythe for advice and suggestions (and for the use of MANY 3DO Objects I’ve re-skinned)

Much appreciation to: Justin Mullikin, Brandon Grady, Danny Kane, Ronnie Hawley,
Phillip Purpura, and David Dubczak for beta testing the track

[6] Agreement of Use

Storage or Use of this track by installation into a racing simulator constitutes agreement with this and the following statements:

1) This track may not be sold or distributed for commercial purposes, or money exchanged for this track or any part thereof.

2) This track may not be redistributed or hosted on a server without written consent of the original author, but server services from sites as could help with this.

3) This track cannot be modifed without written consent of the original author.

4) Pieces of this track (not including the .ptf file) may be extracted and used for other tracks, but cannot be used in projects for commercial purposes, and credit to the original author should appear in a readme that is distributed with the new project.

5) This track must always maintain an unmodified copy of this readme in whatever form itis distributed.

6) This track is covered by implied intellectual property laws, in that it is the property of the author.

7) This track is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

(Agreement written by Ian D Smythe)

Copyright 2013 Bill Martin





La Crosse Day/Night Bundle – 27.6MB

La Crosse Day Version Only – 13.8MB

La Crosse Night Version Only – 13.8MB

La Crosse Area Sportsmen 2012 Cars (for Aero88 mod from TheUSPits) – 48.4MB

La Crosse Area Late Model 2012 Cars (for Late Model Mod ver 2.0) – 46MB

La Crosse 2012 All Cars & All Tracks Super Bundle! – 121.9MB


All photos below are from the Night Version of the track only.  Day version will look a bit different. 😉



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