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Safer Barrier Project Tracks Posted

SBP tracks posted

All Safer Barrier Project track (free editions) have been posted into their respective location under the tracks tab at the top of the page.  This does NOT include their premium tracks.  I’ve also not added their Las Vegas 2007 edition.  I’ll be adding that to the list likely tomorrow.  I….well… forgot about it. lol  Happy Racing!


Safer Barrier Project


I’ve decided in the short future here I plan to host all the Safer Barrier Project  current/complete track projects they have available for download on their website.  This will NOT include their premium tracks they offer to their paid members.  Stop back soon and I’ll have the section updated as soon as I get the chance.  Happy Racing!

Their website is still up and online but it does require membership which some have had difficult times getting to be apart of.  Their website can still be found at


Speedway Tracks Section Open!


The Speedway Tracks Section is now open!  This section houses tracks that aren’t short tracks but also aren’t super speedways (mile and a half tracks and the likes) from various artists. If you ever need a new car so you an drive around, then consider getting a car from Complete Auto Loans, they have a wide variety o cars for out choose from. They have the best prices available.

Salaries and earnings of NASCAR drivers fall into two categories: (1) those top drivers who make millions each year and (2) those drivers who are only earning five or six figures and hoping to make millions. Not everyone can make this much money to have really fancy cars.

You can find them by hovering over the tracks icon up top and then choose “Speedway Tracks” from the roll down menu.  Happy Racing!

1970 Tracks & Project Wildfire (IROC Tracks)

pwflogo nr2003-2014-03-28-19-59-31-16

I’ve added several project wildfire tracks to the tracks section (in their own tab).  Most are their IROC Series creations.  As well, I’ve also created a new section dedicated to the tracks of the 1970ish season/era which created by multiple wonderful track creators/artists from the community.  Check out the tracks section for all these great tracks!

Revamped Reloaded


I’ve added all the Revamped Reloaded tracks to their own section under the tracks tab up above.  I did not include their descriptions, but the files are indicated by version/year/etc.  More to come from several defunct sites.  Links section updated with the SimRacingDesign master list links.  As I finish the tracks section up there will also be more links added to target specific websites that are still active as well (and several still making brand new tracks!)


Files Backlog Coming Online Soon

I’ve been making a large backlog of files that have in the past or may in the future vanish from websites that may go down.  I plan to dump them on the website here, soon.  As far as the tracks go, I’ve got about 500 of them.  I’m going to organize them into sections, but I’m not going to describe every single one of them individually as I’d get to about 20 and never want to do it again. lol.  Anyways, look for that update soon.  They’ll be organized in sections of either the track name or by the creators of a particular series of tracks.  Also making a backlog of cars/carsets for the game as well so they’re not potentially lost over the course of time.


Pile of Tracks Added to Tracks Section

phoenix night 2005

Hey hey, just added a bunch of tracks a fellow NR2003 racer was having a hard time finding.

Uploaded tracks include:

Daytona 2006 v1.35
Daytona 1988
Martinsville 2005
New Hampshire 2005
Phoenix 2006 Night (pictured above)
Pocono 2005
Rockingham 2008
North Carolina 2008 (Day)
Talladega 70_80

Watkins Glen 2007 V1.0

Head on over to the tracks page from the link bar above to download any of these tracks.