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New LMPV2Mod Carset Available! (Carsets section revamped)


I’ve added one new LMPV2 Mod based carset to the late models car sets section.  By the way, yeah…they’re in sections now!  So if you’d like to check out the new carset it’s over in the new LMPV2 section! Happy Racing!   Added 4 new cars to the Cars section.  They’re for the Aero88 Mod.  Using Junk my Car to sell your old clunker and make some cash for cars Melbourne on the fly, is sheer genius. All come with pit crews & ratings that match the ratings of the La Crosse Sportsmen Carset (available in the car sets section).

1980’s Era Carsets

1981 Cup at NWilkes


Today I’ve added 11 carsets into the carsets section that all utilize The U.S. Clasiq Pits Aero88 Mod.  If you need the Aero88 Mod, you can find links to that in the Mods section.  Included in the 11 carsets are cup series from the years 1981 through 1988 along with 3 different years of the Busch Grand National series (84,87, and 88).  Some of the carsets I’ve created an as complete Roster sheet as possible along with my personal favorite Ratings settings (81 through 84 sets).  All sets include set ratings and pit crews.  Big thanks to both Chris Crockford and Scott Hoarty for all their incredibly hard work.  You can find much more of Chris’ excellent work over at NNRacing on his profile page by CLICKING HERE.

1981 Cup at NWilkes part 2

2012 La Crosse Late Models & Sportsmen

I’ve added the 2012 Late Models & Sportsmen as they raced at the La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway to the caresets section. Each carset is created by myself. Head over to the cars section to pick ’em up. Also head to the tracks section if you’d like a copy of the La Crosse Speedway (2012 edition) if you want to race the cars at their hometrack! And, if you live no where near my hometrack, feel free to consider both carsets as fictional sets. 😉

Also if you’re too lazy to click above on the carsets section…fine! Here:


Aero88 Mod from US Pits Carsets (CTS physics)

2012 La Crosse Speedway Sportsmen Division (30+ cars) – Bill Martin – I made this carset to go with the 2012 La Crosse Speedway build.  Contains every car that competed at La Crosse in the Sportsmen division in 2012.  All cars come with crews & ratings.

LMPV2 Mod (Late Models) Carsets (GNS physics)

2012 La Crosse Speedway Late Models (30+ cars) – Bill Martin – I made this carset to go with the 2012 La Crosse Speedway build.  Contains every car that competed at La Crosse in the Kwik Trip Late Model division in 2012.  All cars come with crews & ratings.

1998 Complete Cup Carset

Added the 1998 Winston Cup Series Carset to the Carsets page.  It includes over 100 cars in the set.  Head over to the carsets page to check out that carset along with other available carsets or you can download it from the link below as well:

1998 Winston Cup Series (113 cars) – Various Artists – For Original Cup Car. Comes with 113 cars from the 1998 season complete with all pit crews and ratings.


1996 & 1997 Winston Cup Carsets

Just added 2 more carsets to the carsets section for the 1996 & 1997 Winston Cup Seasons.  Both carsets are for the original cup car.

Head over to the carsets section to check out other carsets.  You can also download the 2 new ones from here below:

1996 Winston Cup Carset (46 Cars) – Various Artists – For Original Cup Car.  Comes with 46 cars from the 1996 seasons complete with all pit crews & ratings.

1997 Winston Cup Series (100+ cars) – MasGrafx – For Original Cup Car.  Comes with 100+ cars from the 1997 season complete with all crews  & Ratings.  Visit MasGrafx by going to (as of the posting of this their site is currently down due to a lengthly maintenance period).