Late Model Carsets (LMPV2)


All carsets in this section are designed to work with the LMPV2 Late Model Mod created by  the Late Model Project.  If you don’t have the mod and you want it you can head over the the car mods section up above.  Also, All of these car sets (and car mods) can be modified to use any of the 3 different physics models available within NR2003.  If you need to/want to change the physics of a car set or car mod you’ll need the swapper which will be the first link listed below.  Happy Racing!

Car Physics Swapper – If you use a mod with different physics than it was originally released with (example:  Aero88 mod uses CTS physics, but I run it with Cup physics) Use this tool with the carsets below to switch the physics of the car files to the physics you use!

LMPV2 Mod (Late Models) Carsets (GNS physics)


2015 PASS North Car Set – David “ScarfaceVt” Turner, Jr.
2015 edition of the PASS North car set is 57 cars strong featuring matching crews and accurate ratings for almost every PASS North SLM that competed.

photo32012 La Crosse Speedway Late Models (30+ cars) – Bill Martin
I made this carset to go with the 2012 La Crosse Speedway build.  Contains every car that competed at La Crosse in the Kwik Trip Late Model division in 2012.  All cars come with crews & ratings.

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