Car Mods

So sometimes you might want to or you might run into conflicts with car mods and car sets having different physics.  Changing physics on a car mod is easy, however.  If you ever find yourself needing to do this no problem!  Simply follow this how to:

How To Change a Car Mod’s Physics (Cup/GNS/CTS)


Cup90 Mod (Winston Cup 1989-1996) (GNS Physics)
Cup90 Mod (Winston Cup 1989-1996) (CTS Physics) – Dennis Rioux
This amazing mod by Denis Rious from Desmods (now defunct) brings to life the years just after the aero wars of the mid to late 80’s.  You’ll get the chance to experience racing with 5 different classes in this great mod from the Pontiac, Ford, Chevy, Buick, and Oldsmobiles of the early early 90’s.  Don’t miss out!

Templates/Render Scenes/Sounds/Carsets all available here as well in their respective locations in the menu up above!

cup98Winston Cup 1998 Mod From Splash N’ Go and Studio Speed, comes the all new Winston Cup98 mod. With almost 100 cars, including every entry from the 1998 Daytona 500, this mod depicts the cars that ran in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series from the 1996 to 1999 seasons with 4 individual models as well as one of the most detailed damage models ever for this sim. As an added bonus, the download for this mod also includes a bunch of extra Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt cars, including the special Winston All Star schemes for both drivers.  The creators are still active so follow the link above to go to their site and download their fantastic mod.

88aero gant elliott

Aero88 Mod with CUP Physics – The US Pits – The original Aero88 mod comes with CTS physics.  This is a version with CUP physics.  Also comes with 51 1988 Winston Cup cars.

seo resell