A New Pile O’ Setups!

1986 Kyle Petty Leads

Just added a few thousand more setups to the setups section.  All new setups that have been added have “uploaded 2017” after them so they can be distinguished from the uploads from back in 2013.  Head on over to the setups section now and Happy Racing!


Safer Barrier Project Tracks Posted

SBP tracks posted

All Safer Barrier Project track (free editions) have been posted into their respective location under the tracks tab at the top of the page.  This does NOT include their premium tracks.  I’ve also not added their Las Vegas 2007 edition.  I’ll be adding that to the list likely tomorrow.  I….well… forgot about it. lol  Happy Racing!


Safer Barrier Project


I’ve decided in the short future here I plan to host all the Safer Barrier Project  current/complete track projects they have available for download on their website.  This will NOT include their premium tracks they offer to their paid members.  Stop back soon and I’ll have the section updated as soon as I get the chance.  Happy Racing!

Their website is still up and online but it does require membership which some have had difficult times getting to be apart of.  Their website can still be found at www.saferbarrierproject.com