NRatings Updates

It turns out NRatings webpage got attacked and in that attack resulted in the website going down.  Everything is now all back up and online, however, along with Mathieu’s homepage which has moved to a new location and also includes a brand new version 4.0.0 of the NRatings Software.  To import real world data you WILL need this new version as old version will no longer function (though you can still use them to edit and bulk edit ratings in your car sets).

You can find Mathieu’s new site here:

NRatings v3.2.1


NRatings website recently went down so I’ve decided to host the software here.  I’ve contacted the creator because as of now, while the program is still quite useful to use for editing and bulk editing, the real world data importing is currently down.  You can find and download this piece of software in the Utilities section on the top bar of the webpage.