NASCAR Nextel Cup Series 2005 Update 1.0


I’ve added the once hosted at Nextel 2005 Update along with the One Week Later update to the Utilities Section.  If there are any other abandoned files you’re trying to find or perhaps files that are abandoned that you have and would like to see hosted somewhere, feel free to contact me!

CLICK HERE to go to the utilities section and get a hold of these files!

1980’s Era Carsets

1981 Cup at NWilkes


Today I’ve added 11 carsets into the carsets section that all utilize The U.S. Clasiq Pits Aero88 Mod.  If you need the Aero88 Mod, you can find links to that in the Mods section.  Included in the 11 carsets are cup series from the years 1981 through 1988 along with 3 different years of the Busch Grand National series (84,87, and 88).  Some of the carsets I’ve created an as complete Roster sheet as possible along with my personal favorite Ratings settings (81 through 84 sets).  All sets include set ratings and pit crews.  Big thanks to both Chris Crockford and Scott Hoarty for all their incredibly hard work.  You can find much more of Chris’ excellent work over at NNRacing on his profile page by CLICKING HERE.

1981 Cup at NWilkes part 2