Pile of Tracks Added to Tracks Section

phoenix night 2005

Hey hey, just added a bunch of tracks a fellow NR2003 racer was having a hard time finding.

Uploaded tracks include:

Daytona 2006 v1.35
Daytona 1988
Martinsville 2005
New Hampshire 2005
Phoenix 2006 Night (pictured above)
Pocono 2005
Rockingham 2008
North Carolina 2008 (Day)
Talladega 70_80

Watkins Glen 2007 V1.0

Head on over to the tracks page from the link bar above to download any of these tracks. 

4 NEW Sportsmen Class cars uploaded for Aero88 Mod (CTS Physics)

  Added 4 new cars to the Cars section.  Click the cars link on the link bar to go grab them now.  They’re for the Aero88 Mod.  All come with pit crews & ratings that match the ratings of the La Crosse Sportsmen Carset (available in the car sets section).

New Setups Section Packed Full!


I felt this place should have a setups section.  I’ve added a setups section to the links bar at the top where you’ll find hundreds upon hundreds of setups all separated out for each track.  Each setup pack contains setups for CTS, GNS, and CUP race physics.  Enjoy!

New Sections and New Files Posted

88aero gant elliott

I’ve added the Aero88 Mod to the site with CUP physics already ready to go along with a 51 car carset.  You can find these files in the MODS section of the site above.  You’ll also find links to some other mods in there.

Utilities section I have posted a link to the Save Game Changer.  With it you can modify the starting order of your saved races.

Also added a new section for templates and also another for Tutorials.  Both are, of course, in the building process.

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2012 La Crosse Late Models & Sportsmen

I’ve added the 2012 Late Models & Sportsmen as they raced at the La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway to the caresets section. Each carset is created by myself. Head over to the cars section to pick ’em up. Also head to the tracks section if you’d like a copy of the La Crosse Speedway (2012 edition) if you want to race the cars at their hometrack! And, if you live no where near my hometrack, feel free to consider both carsets as fictional sets. 😉

Also if you’re too lazy to click above on the carsets section…fine! Here:


Aero88 Mod from US Pits Carsets (CTS physics)

2012 La Crosse Speedway Sportsmen Division (30+ cars) – Bill Martin – I made this carset to go with the 2012 La Crosse Speedway build.  Contains every car that competed at La Crosse in the Sportsmen division in 2012.  All cars come with crews & ratings.

LMPV2 Mod (Late Models) Carsets (GNS physics)

2012 La Crosse Speedway Late Models (30+ cars) – Bill Martin – I made this carset to go with the 2012 La Crosse Speedway build.  Contains every car that competed at La Crosse in the Kwik Trip Late Model division in 2012.  All cars come with crews & ratings.

New Stuff! And CBD oil!

Added a few car paint jobs to get the paint section rolling (listed above as ‘cars’ section).  Also added a utility in the Utilities section used for changing .car files to different physics models.  Downloaded the Aero88 mod and decided to change it from CTS physics to Cup physics but you downloaded a CTS physics based Aero88 .car file?  Use the car file modifier tool to simply change your car file to the correct physics!  Simple as a couple clicks.

Check the Ulilities section for the modifier and the Cars section for some new paint jobs!

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