1996 & 1997 Winston Cup Carsets

Just added 2 more carsets to the carsets section for the 1996 & 1997 Winston Cup Seasons.  Both carsets are for the original cup car.

Head over to the carsets section to check out other carsets.  You can also download the 2 new ones from here below:

1996 Winston Cup Carset (46 Cars) – Various Artists – For Original Cup Car.  Comes with 46 cars from the 1996 seasons complete with all pit crews & ratings.

1997 Winston Cup Series (100+ cars) – MasGrafx – For Original Cup Car.  Comes with 100+ cars from the 1997 season complete with all crews  & Ratings.  Visit MasGrafx by going to http://www.masgrafx.com (as of the posting of this their site is currently down due to a lengthly maintenance period).